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If you wish to buy steroids from Thailand, your are in the right place.

For the newcomers, my name is Khang. I run this little business alone, so I deal with manufacturers and distributors and I package and ship your orders. To evaluate how I operate, I recommend you to start with a Test Order.

As I buy directly from manufacturers and distributors, people I have been doing business with for years, I believe my prices are the cheapest available on the Net for these brands.

Body Research, British Dispensary, SB Labs, LA Pharma: these have been on the markets for decades and are well known worldwide. These are not home-made, low-dosed steroids, made in some obscure UG lab in China or in somebody’s basement. I only sell pharma-grade products.

To buy steroids from Thailand, just go to the pricelist page and click on the item you wish to buy: you will be redirected to the shopping cart. Or go directly to the Superbolic Store.

Note that there are 2 pricelists. Pricelist2 is not to buy steroids from Thailand. The list shows top quality steroids, all European brands, shipped in their sealed boxes/vials from EU. This is my second attempt at drop shipping and I believe I have found the right partner, as we both work in a very similar way.

I only accept payment by Paypal (at certain conditions) and in Bitcoin. There are no other ways to pay.

A word about trust: for one bad review on a forum there are about ten happy customers who never bothered to write anything on anywhere. This silent majority is the base of my business and I will never solicit any positive review from my customers. This is how things work now: online forums decide who is legit and who is a scammer, mostly from the rants of people who never even bought from me. I don’t have to persuade you that I’m honest, or to prove I’m legit, or that the gear is not fake. I don’t have to prove anything, so please don’t start asking me such questions. If you don’t feel comfortable buying here, please go buy elsewhere: the Net is full of online shops selling steroids. I suggest you to read the FAQ and Terms & Conditions pages BEFORE you place an order. And you can see some customers feedback here.

Thank you for reading.