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For the newcomers, my name is Khang. I manage this business by myself, from dealing with manufacturers and suppliers to processing your orders.

I only sell pharma-grade products, manufactured in Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland and Thailand. All the European brands have an holographic packaging with a double layer peel-off verification code, so you can check authenticity of the product online on the manufacturers’ websites.

The Thai brands have been on the market for decades. Who doesn’t know Body Research, manufacturer of the famous “Blue Hearts” (Danabol DS). Or British Dispensary, a large corporation operating since 1892, well-known since the 70s for the 5 mg “pink anabol”. But there are others, like SB Labs, LA Pharma, Biolab: bodybuilders who come to Thailand on vacation are familiar with these brands.

All the products for sale here are shipped in their original, sealed packages. No more loose pills and re-packaged items. This should be particularly interesting to re-sellers, as they fetch higher prices.

I accept payment by Paypal (at certain conditions) and in Bitcoin. There are no other ways to pay.

Note that there are two pricelists. Price list is if you are not in Thailand. Price List (Thailand Only) is for domestic customers.

IMPORTANT: please read the FAQ and Terms & Conditions pages BEFORE you place an order. Be smart and read the terms, in order to make an informed, wise decision.

Thank you for reading,