Fake steroids

Dealing with hundreds of inquiries from Australia, USA and other countries, I often come across the same questions, related to the same fears. One of the biggest concern, especially  from Americans, is that the products I sell are fakes. The fact that they are all manufactured in Bangkok and shipped by me from the same city is not enough to relieve their fears.

In many years of dealing with pharmacies, distributors and labs I never saw a fake version of a Thai-made product, so I’m sure these are made elsewhere. And this seems to be the case with other brands: while you see lots of counterfeited foreign brands, like Gucci, Adidas or Louis Vuitton, you never see copies of local brands, like Jim Thompson Thai Silk or TWINS boxing equipment, two brands well known worldwide.

To deal with the fake steroids issue, which surely affects sales, some Thai brands have introduced holograms in their packaging, which are in theory more difficult to replicate. But at the moment only two brands, Black Dragon and LA Pharma, offer a serial code on all their products, which can be verified online at their website. All the others are still unconcerned about this verification process, which is becoming standard procedure for many pharmaceutical products.

As I don’t ship any product in its original package, customers who wish to verify the authenticity of the products should inform me in advance so I can provide the serial number on the boxes of what they have ordered. This simple procedure should be enough to give buyers peace of mind when buying LA Pharma or Atlas Pharma products.




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