Where to buy Bitcoin in Australia?

The advantages of paying by Bitcoin are undeniable, especially if compared with Paypal, Western Union or using a credit card. I prefer to be paid by BTX because it’s fast, anonymous for both parties, and there are no intermediaries and fees.

But very often people ask me a rather general question: how do I get BTX?

I don’t believe it is my job to teach you how the Bitcoin universe works, especially when a ton of information is available using Google; however, I understand it is to my advantage to quickly enable potential customers to pay me using BTX.

The following marketplaces and exchanges are a starting point for you to learnĀ  and, if you feel comfortable, to buy them with a few clicks. I’m in no way affiliated with any of these website and I get no commission. As you can see, there are no referral link anywhere. So go ahead and spend some time browsing these sites, surely you’ll have a much better understanding of how Bitcoin works.

As my main market is Australia and all questions about BTX come from Australians, the websites below are licensed and operate legally in Australia and/or accept Aussie customers. Click on the images to visit their sites.