Dear All, there a few new things worth mentioning and a couple of updates.

New deal with EU partner

I now have a partner in an European country who has been operating for 10 years in a very similar way as mine. Only he lives in a non-flagged country and everything is much easier. His stealth method are amazing and he can ship injectables and orals in their original, sealed containers. Which is great for people who resell the products. A sealed item in its original container is a guarantee of a genuine item and many have a serial number + code to be verified online at the manufacturer’s website. This is something I’m unable to offer, so I add my partner’s list of products to my website, to give my customer a choice of a better alternative. You can see all products on pricelist2 page. Prices are quite reasonable, considering the brands are European and definitely pharma grade. Check the HGHs and the Bayer Schering products list.

Injectables will not be repackaged into non sterile containers anymore

I decided not to do the above anymore. The risk of seizure increases, but I was fed up to receive moaning emails from disappointed customers who didn’t expect their oils repackaged into non sterile containers. Obviously nobody reads FAQ and TERMS pages, where it was clearly stated that injectables will always be repackaged. So I decided to ship them as they are, without the box, in their original sterile glass vials and amps. I have found a new way to hide them and so far so good. So from now on pills will be repackaged and shipped without original bottles and injectables will not be repackaged. Let’s see what happens with customs. In case you can always buy from pricelist2 and receive your stuff from EU not Thailand.

Thank you for your attention,


28 June 2018