superbolic is a scam

Now and then some happy customer mention that he doesn’t understand all the bad reviews that the site got online. I’m not active on steroids forums and I don’t follow any of these, so I have no idea on what people says about

In a moment of boredom, I typed “superbolic is a scam” into Google and this is what came out. Note that these results come out also if you type “superbolic reviews’.

superbolic is a scam

Reading the reviews, I discovered that there are only two, in facts, from 2 posters. But they posted everywhere they could, mostly on forums not related to steroids, obviously to amplify the damage. This takes hours of hard work, so I can imagine the anger behind it.

The first bad review¬†here¬†came out of an unbelievable and almost surreal experience. The customer supermask receives the parcel through Australian customs, can’t find his order (this happens a lot with my stealth packaging), and instead of asking me for an explanation, goes wild badmouthing me on steroids forums, adding personal information of one of the many receivers I worked with when I used WU. I didn’t know if I should have laughed or cried. I decided to laugh at this retarded Korean guy who got everything in front of his face but couldn’t see it.

The second one, here, on a French forum that has nothing to do with steroids, is from a guy who apparently lost 616 USD with me. This review appears mostly in obscure forums where everybody can post anything, and displays the same WU details copied from supermask. As this one came almost a year after supermask’s, I know he didn’t pay neither by WU or MG, as at the time I wasn’t accepting neither forms of payment. I have no idea who this guy was, what he bought, why he lost 616 USD with me, why he never contacted me. So I assume he is somebody I pissed off, or a competitor, or somebody who got his order seized by customs and he told everybody but me.

Superbolic a scam. Or is it?

I believe the best marketing tool is word-of-mouth. I know for a fact that good and bad reviews online can be fabricated. I have a expanding base of loyal customers which guarantees I have 2 meals every day. Therefore, I can afford to ignore bad reviews.