About me

My name is Khang, I’m Thai, from Bangkok. My family owns a small distribution company. We sell all sorts of products to pharmacies. 99% are not steroids, but we do have a few. We buy directly from the manufacturers, both licensed and underground.

As you may know, Thailand produces various kinds of steroids and pharmaceuticals under license from large multinationals. There is a large quantity of underground laboratories operating independently. Brands like SB Labs, LA Pharma, British Dispensary, Body Research, Unilabs, Unigen Lifesciences are all originally from Thailand. Others, like Meditech or Bayer-Schering, are made here under license or imported.

Mostly, foreigners in Thailand buy steroids from pharmacies in tourist areas and assume they are legal. This is not so. Thailand’s FDA requires a valid prescription for all pharmaceutical products considered “controlled drugs” (like Testosterone) or “dangerous drugs” (like Phentermine slimming pills). Only hospitals and clinics are allowed to sell such products and only if manufactured by licensed firms (underground labs are not).

To buy steroids on the Net is a risk, for the odds are not in the buyer’s favor. Anyone who bought from the Net knows the feeling of transferring substantial sums of money by Western Union or Bitcoin to an unknown entity, hoping that the seller will ship the order and that it will pass customs inspections.

To overcome this, we offer “Test Orders”, which basically are very small orders which work exactly as larger order. So you can evaluate how we work, how long it takes to receive the stuff, and how good our stealth packaging is. If this is too risky for you, then there is nothing we can do, apart from wishing you “chok dee” which means good luck in Thai.