Boldenone (Equipoise)

Boldenone Undecylenate (Equipoise)

Formula: C19H26O2
Molecular Weight (base): 286.4132 gm/mol
Molecular Weight (ester): 186.2936 gm/mol
Active life: 15 days
Detection time: up to 5 months
Anabolic/Androgenic ratio: 100:50

Boldenone is a steroid compound that is described chemically as 1,4-androstadiene-3-one, 17b-ol.
This is a 250 mg per ml of Boldenone Undecylenate, Miglyol 840, Ethyl oleate, Benzyl benzoate, Benzyl alcohol which is an oily solution for intramuscular injection.
Designed to release Boldenone slowly from the injection site, this steroid possess anabolic properties with moderate androgenic activity. Anabolic and androgenic agents are widely used in the treatment of catabolic processes where accelerated strength and muscular development are indicated.
Boldenone Undecylenate is an extremely powerful and long acting agent with a rapid onset of action.

Equipoise, also known as EQ, is a veterinarian steroid created by Ciba as an injectable dianabol. The initial usage was for the horse and cattle industries. In general, Equipoise is an oil suspension that can be injected into animals every 6 weeks. There are no legitimate version of this steroid approved by any government anywhere in the world for human use. All brands on the market are either from approved veterinarian labs or made in an underground laboratories. Even though it is meant as veterinarian steroid, it’s quite powerful and effective when used by humans

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Male athletes usually administer Equipoise in weekly dosages of 200-600mg for about 8-12 weeks. Female athletes use it in weekly dosages of 50-125mg for 6-10 weeks. Post cycle therapy with Clomid and/or Nolvadex is highly recommended towards the end of or at the end of any cycle involving Boldenone as one of the steroids or as the only steroid. Often, anti-aromatase inhibitors such as Cytadren or Arimidex are used to make Equipoise cycles more tolerable. The addition of HCG is also recommended when Equipoise is administered during long cycles.

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The combination of Equipoise and Testosterone is considered ideal for experiencing rapid improvements in terms of lean body mass. Equipoise is generally stacked with Stanozolol, Oxandrolone, Testosterone enanthate, Testosterone cypionate, and Testosterone propionate.

Equipoise is best injected at least once per week for maintaining stable blood levels. Weekly Equipoise dosage for men is 400-600mg while female athletes may use it in weekly dosages of 50-150mg.

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