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News & Updates June 2018

Dear All, there a few new things worth mentioning and a couple of updates. New deal with EU partner I now have a partner in an European country who has been operating for 10 years in a very similar way as mine. Only he lives in a non-flagged country and everything is much easier. His stealth method are amazing and he can ship injectables and orals in their original, sealed containers. Which is great for people who resell the products.…

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Where to buy Bitcoin in Australia (and elsewhere)

Where to buy Bitcoin in Australia? The advantages of paying by Bitcoin are undeniable, especially if compared with Paypal, Western Union or using a credit card. I prefer to be paid by BTX because it’s fast, anonymous for both parties, and there are no intermediaries and fees. But very often people ask me a rather general question: how do I get BTX? I don’t believe it is my job to teach you how the Bitcoin universe works, especially when a…

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Fake steroids

Dealing with hundreds of inquiries from Australia, USA and other countries, I often come across the same questions, related to the same fears. One of the biggest concern, especially¬† from Americans, is that the products I sell are fakes. The fact that they are all manufactured in Bangkok and shipped by me from the same city is not enough to relieve their fears. In many years of dealing with pharmacies, distributors and labs I never saw a fake version of…

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