LA Pharma

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LA Pharma S.r.l. produces a full range finished products of anabolic hormone under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). The company has been operating since 2005.

The products are manufacture3d with raw material following international specifications such as US pharmacopoeias (USP), Europe pharmacopoeias (Ph. Eur.), British pharmacopoeias (BP), The Pharmacopoeias of Japan (Jpn P.) or Pharmacopoeias in Poland ( Pol.P.) standard. All are strictly checked by an independent quality control process.

All raw materials used to manufacture LA Pharma steroids have an average of 99% purity. The sterilization process is executed 3 times during manufacturing process. The results is a full strength finished product warranty, which can be checked and tested with any analysis laboratories. If any lab can find out lower strength than indicated, LA Pharma will replace it.
To make sure you have bought a genuine LA Pharma product, the company provides a code checking system at their website. No authenticity code sticker on LA pharma bottles or vials means the item is counterfeited.