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A very professional and advanced method of packaging takes stealth shipping to a new level. This guarantees 100% success rates in delivering the goods to any country.

Also, it allows the shipping of both orals and injectables in their original, sealed boxes/vials. This should be very good news for resellers, as sealed products fetch higher prices than repackaged ones.

Almost all brands offer an online authenticity check on their websites, so no more worries about fake items.

Prices are in USD and don’t include shipping costs.

This warehouse doesn’t have International Shipping Insurance option.

We don’t deal with wholesale inquiries.

Minimum order is one item.

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IMPORTANT: Payment by Paypal and Bitcoin ONLY. If you wish to use other methods, please use this exchange. Fees are reasonable and you can send USD by Western Union or Moneygram.


UPDATE 21/8/2019

We are changing suppliers and brands to improve the quality of our services

A new pricelist with new brandsĀ  will be uploaded on September 1, 2019

Sorry for the inconvenience