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SB Labs is one of the oldest UG labs of Thailand. This company offers a very small product range, which has never changed since 2004. No injectable products are produced. However, the quality has always been very good and consistent. SB Labs products are quite hard to obtain both in Thailand and abroad, as the company doesn’t actively market its products on any online platform.

Dianabol 10 mg x 500 tablets

64 USD

Dianabol 20 mg x 100 tablets

56 USD

Oxan 10 mg x 50 tablets

64 USD

Oxan 50 mg x 50 tablets

132 USD

Oxytone 50 mg x 100 tablets

73 USD

Stanzol 10 mg x 100 tablets

53 USD

T3 Cytomel 100mcg x 200 tablets

56 USD

Clenbulol 20 mg x 200 tablets

53 USD

Tamox 20 mg x 100 tablets

65 USD

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