Test Orders

discover how we work

I completely understand the customer’s fears before sending Bitcoins to a unknown seller. Fear of being scammed, of receiving just an envelope with a tracking number, or nothing at all. And, most importantly, will the shipment get through custom inspections? Will the stealth packaging be good enough?

I wish I could send some free samples to dissipate these fears. In a perfect world that would be the best way to establish a relation between buyers and seller, but unfortunately my previous attempts to do this failed miserably. And now nobody trust anybody, as everywhere else on the Net.

To show good faith and welcome new customers, I offer test orders, made of small quantities of orals, at a nominal price. Basically you pay for the postage and the stealth shipping, while the pills are, more or less, for free. This is to show you how we work, how the package will be shipped, the order time frame, how to pay, etc. It’s exactly like a test trial of the all system, but without real money involved, just a few bucks to make it real for both of us.

Test orders are made of 100 tabs of DANABOL DS (blue hearts) by Body Research. The cart price is at zero as you only pay for the shipping. I will send the test order using the same stealth method I use for real and bigger orders.

Note: you can’t order a test order together with something else. Either you make a test order to check how I work or you make a real order if you trust me enough. 

Click here to go ahead with the test order. 

This is the best I can do to welcome you as a new customer. If you can’t spend a few USD to test a new source, superbolic.com is not the shop for you.

 Updated 27/6/2018