How do I order?
Go to the HOME or the PRICE LIST pages. The products links will take you to the shopping cart, where you can create your order. If a product link is inactive it means the product is out of stock. At checkout, there will be a window with the most important information. Please read it before proceeding with your order.

How do you ship?
By courier or EMS. You will receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking code. The code is the proof of shipment. It may not be possible to track the shipment all the way to destination. The tracking code may not be visible online immediately, as the system takes a day or so.

Which forms of payment do you accept?
Please refer to HOW TO PAY page.

How payment by Paypal works?
The shopping cart doesn’t have an automatic checkout system, so you’ll have to follow a few simple steps, explained in 3 locations: here below, and at the checkout page, and at the HOW TO PAY pages. As every online retailer sadly knows, Paypal is notorious for freezing accounts and confiscating the funds in the balance. Selling steroids is high in their list of violations. This is why no one in this trade accepts Paypal.
We do accept Paypal but certain necessary steps that must be followed to ensure privacy for buyer and seller and avoid Paypal to freeze both accounts. This is what you’ll see after you placed an order at the checkout page of the shopping cart:

This cart is not set up to receive automatic payments.
If you wish to pay by Bitcoin, please contact me at manager@superbolic.com
If you wish to pay by Paypal please follow the instructions below.
1. send USD ONLY at Paypal exchange rates – use “manage currencies” to automatically exchange between currencies inside your Paypal account.
2. funds must be sent as “send money to friends and family”, otherwise they will be refunded and the order canceled.
3. DO NOT WRITE ANYTHING in the message or Paypal may freeze the account and you will lose your money. We have your order on record so no need to tell Paypal what you are paying for.
Paypal account: xxxxx@xxxxx.com

In some countries Paypal doesn’t allow to send to friends and family. In this case, please contact manager@superbolic.com

manager@superbolic.com IS NOT a Paypal address

DO NOT PLACE AN ORDER if you don’t intend to pay. Spam orders are not tolerated and will result in an immediate ban from the site. Also, your contact details will be shared to spammers databases.

Do you have other products? Can you source other stuff/brands?
No, because we can only guarantee the quality for these brands. The aim is to offer only sell pharma-grade products, from good brands. Also, we don’t sell drugs like Xanax, Oxycontin, Adderall, etc.

Do you have a price list for wholesale orders?
Yes. Please refer to this page.

Do you offer free samples?

I need to start a bulking cycle. What do you recommend?
There are excellent forums full of experts eager to answer these questions. We are not qualified to give advice, as we’re traders, not doctors or bodybuilders.

What happens if my order is seized by customs? Do you offer free reshipping? Do you offer refunds?
Our stealth packaging combined with strategic shipping locations should guarantee every parcel reach its destination passing through custom inspections. But there is ALWAYS a risk. And the risk is on you, as you are the importer. In case something unfortunate happens, we will reship FOR FREE ONLY ONCE to another name/address. Refunds are considered in case of mistakes made by the warehouse and are managed case-by-case.

Why should I trust you? Online reviews indicate you are just a scammer!
Superbolic.com has been in business since 2015. No one in this market has zero negative reviews. Always remember that buying steroids online is not like buying stuff on Amazon or Ebay. Postal service and custom inspections may affect the final success of an order. However, the seller is immediately labeled as a scammer if an order is delayed, confiscated or lost. Sometimes this happens even before an order is placed, by people who may not like the Terms & Conditions of sales. This usually results in bad reviews posted all over the Net to discredit the seller. This is how the online steroids market works now: moderators and members of online forums decide who is legit and who is a scammer, mostly based on the rants of people who often didn’t even buy from us. This kind of feedback is manipulated: the positive can be bought and the negative can be spread by competitors or by one unhappy customer posting on multiple forums. Anybody can accuse a seller of being a scammer, for whatever reason. For one bad review there are dozens of happy customers who never bother to write anything on anywhere after they’ve received their orders. This silent majority is the base our business. We will never solicit good feedback. We prefer to gain your trust by showing results. You can read our customers feedback here.

My order was shipped 1 month ago and nothing has arrived. Can you do check where my order is? Tracking hasn’t moved in 2 weeks…
Initially, there is nothing to do but waiting. Sometimes postal service and custom inspections can delay shipment by a month or more. Then you may want to inquire at the post office using the tracking code provided, but if the parcel hasn’t passed customs it’s not visible in the postal system network. In few words, once the order has been shipped we cannot do anything special to track it or retrieve it. Whatever happens during shipping is in the hands of postal service/customs/God. For reshipping option, please refer to the answer above.

Are the items shipped in the original, sealed boxes?

More questions? Contact manager@superbolic.com